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Recruitment post
Foreign trade salesman:
Job requirements:
1, English, international trade and other professional, college degree or above, English level four or above, good English and Chinese writing, fluent in oral English, can contact with overseas customers.
2, skilled use of office software.
3, good team work spirit, honest and reliable, good conduct, strong independent work ability and public relations ability
4. Working experience is preferred.
Job content: responsible for the company's international sales, overseas customer development, business with a single, to promote customer contract, transaction orders, follow up the market situation, timely feedback to the superior and put forward reasonable suggestions.
Probation three months: 1500 yuan + deduct a percentage from a sum of royalty
Positive: 1500 yuan + floating salary + commission + insurance + other holiday benefits
Interested parties please send your resume to the mailbox: [email protected], or call to call: 0371-60305639. Sincerely welcome people of insight to join!

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